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Unfortunately, the need for Foodbanks continues to grow, and whatever the causes, the need is undoubtedly there. In St. Luke's we do our best to ensure that there is a steady supply of necessities (and sometimes luxuries!) going to the Collection Point. We are indebted to Zara Buddy who faithfully every week picks up foodstuffs from our two bins.
If there is a Foodbank near you, please give generously
                                                                          PRAYER GROUP

Mrs Irene Crawford has started a Prayer Group. It works a bit like a prayer chain except that those in the Group are informed by email of those in need of prayer. A box in the vestibule of the church helps provide requests. All personal requests are kept absolutely confidential.

       "More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of".

                                                                THE PRAISE BAND

    We have set up a small PRAISE BAND to vary the musical accompaniment available to us in worship. If you can play an instrument and would be interested in taking part, we'd love to hear from you! Contact the organist.
                                                                                     FRIDAY FITNESS CLASS

     Our Fitness Class meets on a Friday from 11.00 am -12.00 noon in the Galbraith Hall, beginning on 19th September. This will involve gentle exercises suited to older people and will be run by one of our members, Sharon Campbell who has professional experience in this field. Come along on that day if you are interested.
If you have any health problems, these will be taken into account.
Come and help make us the fittest church in Paisley.........well, in Neilston Road anyway!


                                                         Our Day with the Queen at Holyrood

The excitement began earlier this year, when the Minister, as Moderator of the Presbytery of Greenock and Paisley, asked if Anne and I would like to use his invitation to the Queen's Garden Party, as he was unable to attend. The immediate response was a resounding - Yes! The Minister then accepted the invitation on our behalf.
We have all heard of the Garden Party and seen the pictures on the television but what is the history and what actually happens? With a quick search on the web at I found that the Queen undertakes a variety of engagements in Scotland each year - usually from the end of June to the beginning of July - to celebrate Scottish culture, history and achievement. The event is known as 'Holyrood Week' and includes traditional engagements such as the Ceremony of the Keys and an Investiture and Garden Party at the Palace of Holyroodhouse, plus a number of regional engagements.

The week always begins with the Ceremony of the Keys, the ceremony at which The Queen is received in the city of Edinburgh by the City Chamberlain. Her Majesty is given the keys of the city and is welcomed to 'your ancient and hereditary kingdom of Scotland'.
An Investiture ceremony is held in the Great Gallery at the Palace of Holyroodhouse to enable Scottish residents whose achievements have been recognised in the twice-yearly Honours List to collect their honours from Her Majesty in their home country.

Each year, The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh entertain around 8,000 guests from all walks of Scottish life at a Garden Party in the spectacular grounds of the Palace, which stands at the end of Edinburgh's Royal Mile. The guests enjoy tea in the gardens accompanied by music from regimental bands and The Royal Scottish Pipers Society. King George V and Queen Mary held the first garden party in the grounds of Holyroodhouse and the tradition has been maintained ever since.
So now much more informed, we just had to await the formal invitation, which duly arrived in May from the Lord Chamberlain. It stated
'The Lord Chamberlain is commanded by Her Majesty to invite Mr. and Mrs. James Miller to a Garden Party at the Palace of Holyroodhouse on Wednesday, 1st July, 2015 from 4 to 6 p.m.'
On the day of the Garden Party, along with our fellow guests, Keith and Susan Steele, we departed Paisley at an early hour to avoid the traffic, dressed in our finery on one of the hottest days of the summer. Arriving at Holyrood, we were directed to the front of the car parking area, and then had time to relax and enjoy the surroundings of Holyrood Park and the Crags. As the time to enter the Palace grounds grew closer, we became aware of the scale of the event as the car parking spilled up and over the rolling grounds of the park.
We had the enjoyment of chatting to other guests, who clearly shared our excitement, and then we met some of The Royal Company of Archers, the Queen's official bodyguards whilst Her Majesty is in Scotland. They are on duty at the garden party; they form avenues down which The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh proceed, and look after guests in the tea tents.
Since its appointment as the Sovereign's Body Guard in Scotland in 1822 for the visit to Edinburgh of George IV, the Royal Company of Archers has served as bodyguard to each successive monarch. In this role today it is available for duty anywhere in Scotland at the request of The Queen on any State and ceremonial occasion which may be taking place. It was interesting to chat with some of them and find out the background to their involvement with the Company of Archers. Keith, in particular, was taken with them and wants to sign up!
At 2.30pm, we joined the queue to enter the Palace grounds, which gave Anne and Susan another opportunity to admire and comment on the outfits of our fellow guests. As we entered we were vetted by London constabulary, who, we were advised, attend the Queen at these events. The grounds were laid out with the tea tents on 2 sides and the centre piece of the Queen's enclosure, guarded by the Edinburgh Council ceremonial officers.
We enjoyed a fine tea, with of course cucumber sandwiches, and fine cakes, and again had the opportunity to chat to other guests, some of whom had travelled considerable distances and others who were seasoned guests, attending the Party for the 3rd of 4th time.
At 4.00pm the Queen and the Royal party descended the 'red carpet' stairs to join us in the grounds. The Queen was accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh, the Princess Royal and Prince Edward, and a large group of others, including her Lady-in-Waiting. At a distance it was difficult to first of all pick out the Queen, and there were general murmurings around us about what she was wearing. Eventually she came closer, and we could see how engaged she was with the guests, clearly enjoying her conversations. While the Queen walked down one side of the crowd, the other Royals were similarly engaged with other groups.
Some of the guests had been selected to be personally introduced to the Queen, which took place right in front of where we were standing, giving us a royal view of the proceedings. After about an hour or so, the Royal party adjourned to the Queen's enclosure for tea with specially invited guests, including the First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon. Meanwhile the two army bands, positioned at either end of the grounds played on, including unexpectedly songs from Lloyd Webber musicals.
At 5.30pm the Royal party returned to the Palace, and with the departure of the Archers, we were able to walk over all of the grounds and visited the ruin of the Holyrood Abbey.
Returning to the car we faced the inevitable traffic jam on leaving the park, but although we were tired after standing for such a long time on one of the hottest days of the year, nothing could take the smiles of our faces on what was a truly royal occasion for us all.
Jim Miller

                                                                RECENT EVENTS

The Thirsty Thursday Cafe meets in the Galbraith Hall at 2pm every Thursday throughout the year.
As part of the Outreach Group's activities we hope not only to welcome our own members but also folk from the wider community.
The first Thursday of every month is a Home Baking Day and the proceeds each month go to a designated charity.
On Thursday 2nd November Renfrewshire Women's Aid will Benefit from funds raised.
On Thursday 5th October 100.00 was raised for MacMillan Cancer Relief,

    Our annual Fish Supper and Beetle Drive will be held on Friday  3rd November at 7pm. A noisy evening and great fun!

The Wednesday Break is still going strong (every Wednesday in the Galbraith Hall at 10.30 am) and on November 22nd we look forward to music from Carolyn (flute) and Margaret (accordian).
Our Christmas Lunch, with the Woman2 Woman, is on Tuesday 13th December at 12.30 at the Watermill Hotel.
Our annual Christmas Cracker takes place on Saturday November 18th at................
There will be stalls for homebaking, toiletries, jewellery, soft goods and Christmas gifts.
Come and join us. It's always friendly and good fun.
NEWS and
St. Luke's now operates under the Unitary System, ie. both Session and Board are now one and consists of four committees:
There is now one monthly meeting at which each committee gives a report.

On Saturday 20th January at 12 noon we launched our new series of lunchtime recitals: Music at Noon, courtesy of Mr. Ian Munro our organist.
The first four are as follows:
1   January 20th         Organ Recitals
2   17th February       Double Trouble : Ruth Campbell and Elspeth Munro on 'Cello
3    10th March          New Paisley Brass, directed by Robin Erskine
4    12th May             St. Luke's Choir in Concert
Entry free but a donation to our Organ Fund would be much appreciated.


There will be a Quiz Night in the Church Hall on the evening of Friday 23rd February (details of time and price to come).
This will be an opportunity to test your general knowledge and have some fun.

Our annual World Mission is on Friday 23rd March from 10am till 12 noon. Coffee or tea and homebaking will be served and homebaking also for sale.
Moneys raised will be shared between support for Elderly Care in Malawi and the Scots' Kirk in Malta in their work with the refugees.

                                                                       THEATRE OUTING

There will be a congregational Theatre Outing to the King's Theatre to see TOP HAT on Tuesday 20th February.